Thank You!


Thank You!

( Happy Memorial Day)

It has been over a year since our grand opening and we feel thankful. To be able to share our expression of how much we care about serving. Day after day it is not easy. sometimes a few bad batches could effect a business. Especially if it is a family business. Where few of the worst things we could do is bring business home.

However, its brings us great enjoyment when we receive a great batch and serve at our best. To share local ingredients with in reached through a south Asian lens.  Where we can honestly say we are "Made in Michigan..."  Madison Heights, Michigan to be exact. A town next to the name Detroit. 

Although Detroit may have a bad rep, there is still a few gems deep down this State. Where if you just pause for a second, to recharge. You can feel the energy of people working hard and hungry. We know that feeling, and we know how precious time could be. Shoot, Detroit did not coin the name "Motor City" for nothing. 

It a city just vibrating and if you look close enough, Wow. 

So, thank you to all you supporters. Just like cooking for family, we pour our hearts into providing nourishment. That family meal. A home like setting, where we can converse, eat great food, and Rejoice in fellowship

Thank you for you,
Henry Mai - Michigander


Grand Opening

When: Friday, January 31st , 2014